Okay, let’s continue to the next part of my Italy… The way to move from the next part is self-driving, and self-driving is much simpler, as long as Google sets the location and keeps driving XD

Siena Siena

After wandering around, go to Siena. It takes about an hour to drive from Florence to Siena. After arriving at Siena, you will clearly see that you are about to enter the old city. His city wall is very obvious and complete.

%E6%93%B7%E5%8F%96It can be seen that Siena’s scenic spots are very concentrated, and it is not far to walk. You can walk for a whole day in this strong ancient cultural atmosphere.


▼Panoramic view of Field Square, which is a large square in Europe

32251▼The scenery of the old town of Siena, which is taken from outside the hotel, recommended accommodation Hotel Alma Domus has a very good location, but the breakfast is very ordinary32264

Siena Main Church

32252 32253

▼Black and white are the symbols of Siena’s main church, and the ground has very delicate marble depictions


▼ Amazing ceiling

32263I really like the Siena Siena Cathedral (Duomo di Siena). It was originally planned to be the largest church in Italy. Later, the project was stopped due to the Black Death. I think that because there are fewer tourists, I can appreciate every detail more carefully. Indulging in its beauty, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is very spectacular but there are too many tourists.

Cinque Terre Cinque Terre

Because we were driving by ourselves, we parked the car in the underground parking lot of La spezia train station, put all the luggage in the car, packed a small luggage to the Cinque Terre (is it super bold, the luggage came back the next day intact and the window was not broken, maybe it was also Because I have a kind heart, I won’t encounter any bad things XD)

La spezia-Cinque Terre Ticket Information

La spezia-Cinque Terre train timetable

Having said that, I must make a special suggestion, if you don’t have enough time, you really don’t have to come to this place . I specially made a comparison picture (taken by a mobile phone), one is the original picture and the other is after my own PS coloring. Guest officials, please check the difference by yourself. Before you come, you can see that the Internet is full of articles It was written that Cinque Terre, a fairyland that must be visited once in a lifetime, went to the scene and I just felt, huh? that’s it? ? I thought I went to the wrong place, so I searched online, and the color of the photos on the Internet must be too big! I really think the colorful island of Venice is more colorful than here XD

▼This is Monterosso, the fifth village    (well…it is Kenting

32402▼This is Vernazza    , the fourth village

32272▼This is the second village, Manarola, where most people come to take pictures    (Here is another comparison picture, I told my friends that Jiufen is more beautiful than here XD32273 ▼This is the first village, Riomaggiore    (This is the view from the window of my room, I really think it is much better than the second village.

Appartamenti e camere Edi is recommended for accommodation . If you really still want to visit the Cinque Terre, I would recommend you to stay near the beach in Riomaggiore, a village with a very nice view.

32267This is me walking down from the small road next to the accommodation, climbing the wave breaking block to the opposite side to take the whole panorama. I really didn’t retouch this picture. Is it better than the second village Manarola’s major IG net beauty and bloggers? The cheating picture after the picture is much better XD


Due to the geographical location of Cinque Terre, you need to go to La spezia train station first and then transfer to the small train to Cinque Terre. Whether you come from Pisa or Firenze, you basically need to go through several transfers to La spezia The train station, because La spezia is a small station (just like you take the Ziqiang to Taipei first and then take the tram to Ruifang). Searching on the Internet, most independent tourists take a day trip from other cities to Cinque Terre , The itinerary is very fast and I have to get up early. It’s really tiring. If I want to go up the mountain and go to the sea just to get to Cinque Terre, I really don’t think it’s necessary. I’ve been telling my friends that this is Hualien along the way~~

▼Come to a picture of Hualien when you take the train to the Cinque Terre

32401During the two days and one night stay in the Cinque Terre, my friends and I visited five fishing villages in a very short day, and stayed in each village for about an hour. We had enough time to even go to the sixth village (because there was really nothing there. It’s easy to take pictures and visit the village, and the village is small), we both agree that the Cinque Terre has been overly beautified, so I decided to sincerely not recommend the Cinque Terre when writing an article hahaha XD


After I got the car from la Spezia train station safe and sound, I drove to Rome for about 5 hours. I chose to drive from Rmini because there was nothing between Rimini to Siena, Siena to Cinque Terre, and Cinque Terre to Roma. Direct train, just from Cinque Terre to Rome, you have to change trains at least 3 times.


It took too long to change there with luggage and wait for the car, so I decided to rent a car more flexible and free. If you can drive a manual car, renting a car in Europe is really cheap (less than NT$1,000 a day), because It is a little more expensive for me to rent an automatic car, but it saves me from dragging luggage and waiting for a car to change cars to catch the train.

As soon as I arrived in Rome, I was amazed by the city. I really like the streets of Rome at night, and it is not dangerous at all. There are police everywhere. I am a woman who walks on the road at 8 or 9 o’clock in the evening. I don’t feel anything at all. There is a dangerous and tense atmosphere, the streets are full of the history of the Roman Empire, and the restaurants in the alleys have a dinner atmosphere of laughing and laughing, and a glass of wine, which makes you involuntarily slow down and appreciate this magical place. I still remember the feeling of walking alone on the street at that time.

▼The streets of Rome at night

32280▼Everyone likes to sit here on the Spanish Steps 32281 ▼Pantheon

32284▼On the way to Piazza Venezia  32285▼Meet a handsome guy protesting? Or propaganda? 32286▼On the way to the Colosseum, beside the main road is the remains of the Roman Forum, it is so beautiful and amazing  32287▼The upper left corner of the photo is the Colosseum

▼Here is a picture of the exterior of the Colosseum. It is strongly recommended that you buy a quick pass to avoid Queue to death, I buy KKDAY here , buy one and you can go to three places

32289▼The inside is actually quite boring, so I had to sit on the stairs and imagine the plot of the movie of the ghost warrior

32290▼Trevi Fountain

32292▼Super many people couldn’t find a space to take pictures, so they had to get stuck and took the first half of the panorama32293

One day I stayed in Rome, I went to Pompeii. I booked it with Klook . I chose the hotel pick-up, but I will only pick you up at the hotel when I go. There is no return trip. I will give you 80 points for the itinerary, and I will take you at noon Go to a restaurant to eat Pizza, and head to Pompeii after lunch. I personally feel that the time in Pompeii is not long enough. The tour guide will take it with him while explaining. There is not enough time to take pictures and look at every corner.

▼Beautiful and sad Pompeii

32678▼The dog who was too late to escape

32683▼Residents who are too late to escape


32685▼The pointer to the brothel in Pompeii XD


A pattern made of mosaic tiles

32690▼失落的古羅馬龐貝城,原是一座繁華的商業城32689最後剩下大約30分鐘的時間放我們自由活動,我一個人亂晃去其他沒去的地方,快到集合地點往出口發現,我那出口離集合地點大約要走20分鐘,眼看集合時間快到了,我一個女子拔腿跑在大街上,中途還衝出一個阿北要阻擋我,很開心地要跟我打招呼 (阿北我很忙沒空跟你哈啦),還好我下車時拍了一張巴士車牌,當時看到停車場後直接尋找車子跳上車,我真的是快喘死…




▼人很多的梵蒂岡博物館,只有剛入館時拍了幾張照片,這裡買 KLOOK快速通關



32714 ▼終於到出口,還要一路轉圈圈下去,暈


聖伯多祿大殿全景強烈建議先買 KKDAY 快速通關,進入教堂後,你可以另外買登頂的門票,分爬樓梯跟電梯票價6-8歐



32283 This is an accommodation in Rome. It takes less than 5 minutes to walk to the Spanish Steps, and it is not far from other attractions. The location is very good. I recommend staying at LM Suites Spagna

32796 I am planning to leave from Rome Airport on the last day. The tax refund procedures are very chaotic. I have not completed the refund at the airport three hours earlier. I will write a tax refund article another day (if I have time)32786

I finally finished writing my travel notes in Italy, obviously I wanted to make a long story short, who knew that writing one would turn into two articles, and organizing travel notes is also quite tiring XD

If you haven’t seen the previous article, please click me [Travel] Long story short: 14-day free travel in Italy-lazy travel strategy (Part 1)



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